What’s Your Love Language

Did you know there are actually five languages of love? That people express and measure their love and its depth by different means? And the way you communicate your love, and wish to receive it back may be totally different to you partners?

If you have never heard of this concept before, it’s understandable that the five languages of love may seem like a totally foreign language in itself. But let’s put it this way. Have you ever been in relationship, or been witness to a couple who seem to utterly and completely love each other but just can’t seem to get along and make it work? That despite all their best efforts to communicate they continue to fight, feel let down and unloved, and disappointed? That at times things are so desperate that it seems like they are speaking in a different language with each other? Well, it’s probably because they are!

When a couple has conflicting love languages, or does not understand the love communication of their partner and the need to nurture that form of love, sometimes its inevitable that some relationships just do not work out. Learning how to understand and read your partners love language can bring down many road blocks and dead ends so to speak, and turn feelings of frustration with one another in to a warm, loving and completely satisfied relationship

Learn to identify the 5 languages of love and examples of miscommunication between couples.

Acts Of Service

Some people express their love through ‘acts of service’, or by doing things to show their love. This can include very every day things like picking up your dry cleaning for your partner, filling up your car with petrol, cooking or doing the dishes, running household errands or chores. Or overall it could come down to being the provider so your partner can enjoy all the benefits of your hard work, or so you can enjoy them together. People who show love through acts of service do it from a place of love. It’s doing them without complaint, or having to be asked to do it. It is really purely serving their love so to speak, by doing all of the things that they want to be done.

Quality Time

Spending time together through sharing, listening and participating in joint meaningful activities communicates that we really care. People who have this as their primary love language, it really is about quality rather than quantity. It’s sharing and conversing wholeheartedly, listening with empathy, the revealing and sharing of private and personal thoughts. It’s also about being open, letting someone in enjoying the feeling of togetherness.

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