Truth Behind Rebound Relationship

A relationship with someone who just ended his/her romantic relationship is called rebound relationship. Such relationship dont happen after breaking up for it can occur even if a person is still in relationship yet he/she feels emotionally distant from his or her partner.

Diversion is the primary reason why people immediately enter another relationship as soon as ending another one . They consider the relationship as a means to move on. They try to push back the pain they are feeling at the back of their heads by occupying their minds with thoughts about their present lover. Fear of being alone is the cause why most people go back to dating immediately after a break-up.

When you find yourself in this situation, avoid expecting your partner to correct the faults your previous partner had made. If you expect your lover to do this, you are not giving any solution to your present problem.

When the recently ended relationship is considered to be a waste of time, people get into a new relationship to somehow make up for lost time. This is something positive since it can help the present relationship to grow. The danger of it however, is it can lead someone to a wrong direction.

Rebound relationships are often used by people who are totally hurt from their previous relationship as a mask. If you are in such a relationship, there is a greater possibility that you are simply using your partner to forget the pain you are feeling because of a broken heart. Eventually, when time comes, you might find yourself moving on and leaving your partner behind and in pieces. Hence, before entering another commitment after a recent break-up, be honest to your partner and let him/her know what you feel and what your intentions are.

If you know that your present partner is still healing from a bad break-up then be extra careful. Do not give your partner the full freedom to take over your heart if you dont want to be left alone one day. If you are single and looking for love, remember that you will never get the fulfillment you are looking for in a relationship from a partner who is on the rebound. If you get involved in this kind of relationship, be careful and be emotionally prepared. Dont rush the relationship and simply allow it to develop in its normal pace.

Remember that suffering and pain are ways to mold us and turn us to people who are more compassionate and empathetic. Hence, the best way is to face your heartaches and let the wounds heal first before jumping to another relationship and you will be amazed on how you have changed as a person.

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