The Tim Tebow Girlfriend Mystery Revealed

Tim Tebow is the talk of the town at the University of Florida these days. So lets dig down into the Tim Tebow Girlfriend issue and clear the air once and for all. Does Tim have a girlfriend? And if so, does he have just one, two or three or more? These are the questions everyone continues to ask about this Heisman Quarterback Trophie Winner that has been able to maintain a 3.7 GPA the entire time while in college.

In the course of the last year, various Tim Tebow Girlfriend pics have been popping up all over the place. Or are these his girlfriends? Our research indicates that Tim is not really officially dating anyone at this time. But as a star trying to maintain a good overall PR image for himself, he’s happy to take pictures with some of the women on campus just so they can sport a trophie and have something to brag about to their friends in school.

Literally hundreds of young ladies currently studying at the University of Florida are hot about Tim no doubt. Our research also indicates that hundreds of these same women are groupie women who are playing the same role trying to land a star as their very own. We think in the future we’ll see more Tim Tebow Girlfriend photos over the next couple years, since he always seems to be happy to take a picture with any nice girl who asks.

After Tim goes pro and Graduates from the University of Florida, you might not see any more of Tim Tebow Girlfriend pics floating around except for the old one. He might end up getting married then and start raising a family, but of course that’s pure speculation and no one really knows Tim’s future, we don’t even know our future, lol.

And finally for all we know Tim Tebow may just be the type to take pictures with anyone who asks, yes even the pretty college dorm girlfriend types, to anyone who asks after he turns pro, assuming his wife lets him. But these days it’s a womens world so I guess we’ll all just have to see what his future wife says about it should he decide to settle down and get married in the future. Some understand it’s healthy from a Public Relations perspective to do this, but some womens fangs come out when they see their husband in a picture with other women, even if it’s a good career move.

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