Sugar Daddy Romance Brings Rise To ‘investment Dating’

A new breed of dating websites are growing in popularity and taking a significant bite out of the online personals business. Sugar Daddy websites are capitalizing on what many are calling ‘Investment Dating’: a “Mutually Beneficial Relationship … usually between an older and wealthy individual who gives a young person expensive gifts or financial assistance in return for friendship, or intimacy…” – Brandon Wade, creator of 3 popular Investment Dating websites.

If your thinking this sounds a little taboo, than perhaps internet anonymity has created a safe place for the bashful. Sugar Daddy websites boast hundreds of thousands of users, and their membership has continued to surge as daters find comfort in the direct approach to finding either a ‘Sugar Daddy’, ‘Sugar Mommy’, or ‘Sugar Baby’.

When most people picture a Sugar Daddy, what often comes to mind is a Hugh Hefner or Daddy Warbucks type figure with a red silk wardrobe and the flamboyant attitude to go with it. Well it’s time to wake up and smell the neighbor. A quick browse through the profiles on an investment dating site proves that most online Sugar Daddies probably stand totally inconspicuous in your Starbucks waiting line.

Anna Nichole Smith may have been modern histories most notable and perhaps most notorious Gold Digger, but if you think the Sugar Babies who flock to investment dating sites across the globe fit Anna’s Texas sized stereotype, your wrong. “Most of them are students. There are a lot of actors, models, and entry level professionals who are creating accounts” says Brandon Wade, creator and CEO of and

Most of the young, upwardly mobile Sugar Babies aren’t looking for 80 year old wheelchair laden billionaires, on the contrary, the majority of Sugar Baby profiles state an interest in finding financial support as well as moral and emotional guidance. With a shaky job market and sky high tuition costs, young adults are starting to take advantage of investment dating sites that take the gray area out of a mutually beneficial relationship. Upon visiting a Sugar Daddy website, one finds that the terms of an ‘arrangement’ are clearly defined within the basic structure of each profile, including the amount of a monthly allowance that is given by the Sugar Daddy or Mommy to their potential Sugar Baby (female) or Sugar Babe( male).

All terms of every agreement are negotiable, and depend solely on the desires of both parties. Let’s say user ‘MadeOfMoney1965′ has a walrus mustache you consider to be a deal-breaking turn-off, than just give the ole’ left click and move on. No pressure.

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