Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

It has happened to so many men who remain oblivious to the actions of their girl. On moment you are happy and in love then the next minute something changes in your relationship and the sneaking fear creeps into your mind that your girlfriend might be sleeping around behind your back leaving you in the dark and yet still humiliated. Signs that your girlfriend is cheating can be easy to spot if you know how though and can help you to determine if they are cheating or maybe there is something else going on.

1. Pays more attention to her looks
All girls spend a long time on their looks but as a relationship matures women tend to relax a little more as they do not need to go to extreme lengths to impress you. However if there is someone else to impress women will start taking hours in the bathroom grooming, using make up and deciding on clothes even if it is just to go to the mall or to work. No one begrudges a woman trying to look attractive but a major change in their effort on this especially when you might not be around is a sign that they could be cheating on you.

2. Less intimate
Everyone has different relationships in terms of intimacy and it has been proven that women tend to be more or less intimate depending on their hormone levels at the time but a major change in how they physically and emotionally react to you can signify that there may be some infidelity afoot because their emotions and attraction is directed to another man.

3. Odd phone usage
Cell phones are the predominant method of telecommunication these days so observing your girlfriend and their phone use may be a good way to look for signs your girlfriend is cheating on you. If they take phone calls out of your earshot or you find a number constantly appearing on their phone you do not recognize (or do, which can be even worse!) you have a right to be suspicious.

4. Emails, websites and more
One way to check for signs of faithlessness is to inspect their computer and check their emails, who have they been messaging online, and which websites they have been visiting. Dating sites are a dead giveaway but who they have been interacting with on Facebook or other social sites might also provide evidence or clues to cheating.

5. Too clean?
Some girls are more tech savvy than others and know how to cover their tracks on their computer and phone. If they are a heavy user of these devices but there is a lack of evidence because everything is too neat, all cache and emails deleted obsessively you can see this could be one of the signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you because they are hiding as much evidence as they can.

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