My Ex Girlfriend Is In Abusive Relationship – What Can I Do

If your ex girlfriend has hooked up with another guy that turns out to be abusive to her what can you do? If you truly care for her safety, then you should be doing what you can to get her out of it. Especially if it is a potential life threatening situation, you do not want to leave her stranded. It should not matter at this point why the two of you are not together now, help her out.

Now, if you have wanted to get back together with her, this may be your opportunity. Helping her shows that you do care about her and it may shed good light on you. If you were not abusive to her at all she may see that she was in a better situation with you. If you successfully get her out, you may be a hero in her eyes.

If you are trying to get her back, don’t make helping her look like that is your motive, really help her out and she will see you care. You also need to be careful of the guy she is with. He could be a dangerous person to deal with because someone else is trying to take control from him. Abusive people can be very jealous and controlling, anyone interfering can be the enemy.

You’re ex girlfriends self esteem may be damaged so you need to let her know that she can get out of her situation if she lets you help. Unfortunately you may find that she does not want anybody’s help. She may feel she can handle it on her own or thinks that things will get better. Things will not get better; chances are he will be more abusive in the future.

The best you can do if she wants to stay is assure her that you are there for her. It may be hard to do but you at least tried. If you do get her out, you may get your ex girlfriend back and feel good about having potentially saved her life.

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